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Taking Pictures.
Making Videos.
Meeting People.
Making Music.

Fashion & Editorial because I like it. Because I enjoy meeting new people and new teams.

In house photographer @Franco Dragone Entertainment Group. Taking pictures of shows on stage and backstage.

Shooting and directing videos. Work in Progress.


La mode et l'edito parceque j'aime ça. Parceque j'aime rencontrer de nouveaux gens, de nouvelles équipes.

Photographe maison @Franco Dragone Entertainment Group. Prendre des photos de spectacles sur scène et backstage.

Tourner et diriger des vidéos.Work in Progress.


Thank you for trusting me ! 

Franco Dragone
Valentine Witmeur
Carine Gilson
Le Vif Weekend / Knack Weekend
Victoire Magazine
Gaetan Caputo
Dominique Models Agency
Warner Music France
Melco Crown Entertainment
Ziamo Jewels
Escritoire Agency
Thea Jewelry
Top Models Belgium
Le Lido de Paris

Of course all the magazines who invited me for an editorial :
Victoire, Le Vif Weekend / Knack Weekend, Schön!, The Commission, Vulkan, Superior, Jute, Lucy's, Hyconic ... It's been a pleasure to see my images in your pages !

I've also been Published in other places with portraits I've shots :
Elle Belgique, Sabato, Recto Verso, Le Soir, Glamour France, Vogue France...

And last but not least, the model agencies who always have been supportive of my work :
Dominique Models 
Models Office
The Society NYC
Elite Amsterdam
Silent Paris
Karin Paris
Scoop Montréal
© Mehdy Nasser
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